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We have mentioned and written about AirBnB in previous posts but now they are offering something more than just a place to lay down your head!

They no longer merely offer accommodation, but now have launched ‘Experiences’ were you can live like a local and experience your surroundings like a native.

It’s not yet available to the Irish market but it is coming soon. The idea is currently available in 12 cities worldwide. So if you fancy ‘Adventuring with Quinn’ were you will camp under the stars, enjoy a fireside meal. Even get surfing lessons from the highly experienced waterman in LA. Alternatively you can try ‘Bartending in Paris’. If any of these and more take your fancy, this just might be the service for you!

You can even visit Robbin Island with a former prison warden who was a guard there during Nelson Mandelas incarceration.

It looks like AirBnB are looking to shake up the holiday market. Having already revolutionised the accommodation market, this is their next thing! Soon, AirBNB will allow you to book flights and restaurants, meet up with other travellers and download audio guides for your destination all from the AirBnB app.

Whilst the idea is still in its infancy, it looks like holidays will never be the same again. You can check out what’s currently on offer on the AirBnB website.

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