With the “Beast From The East” having wreaked havoc across the UK, Ireland and parts of Europe last week, the onset of snow storm conditions led to wide scale flight delays/cancellations for many travelers. Multitrip.com are urging all business travelers and holidaymakers to make sure they always have ‘Travel Disruption Cover’ included as part of their travel insurance policy.


Image of a snow covered town. Travel disruption will wreak havoc this week across the UK and Ireland


Business travelers and holidaymakers now have the opportunity to protect themselves against future unexpected adverse weather conditions. Ciaran Mulligan, our MD says “Anyone travelling over the coming months should take additional ‘Travel Disruption Cover’ now as there will be no cover in place if further adverse weather conditions close airspace.  Ciaran adds that “Holidaymakers and business travelers want the extra protection in the event of their travel plans being interrupted due to adverse weather conditions and we have seen a jump recently in the number of insured with Travel Disruption cover.”


‘Travel Disruption Cover’ will provide the following cover in the event of adverse weather conditions:

  • If your flight is cancelled or delayed for more than 12 hours it covers additional accommodation and travel costs up to €1,000.
  • If your flight is cancelled or delayed for more than 12 hours then you can claim back up to €1,000 for irrecoverable unused travel and accommodation costs should you cancel.
  • Claim back up to €1,000 for accommodation if you have to be moved from your current location or cut your trip short because of flood, earthquake, volcanic eruption etc.
  • Covers cancellation or curtailment charges should the Foreign & Commonwealth Office or World Health Organisation advise against travel to the country or specific area you are travelling to.
  • Gives you control of the situation and the added security that you have sufficient cover should an airline cancel, delay or redirect your flight after take-off.
  • Cover will only be effective seven days after it is added so it is important to upgrade/book your policy as soon as possible


Image of a coastal town covered in a layer of snow. Travel disruption is reaching as far as east as Rome


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