Ever find yourself hovering over the “confirm booking” button only to suddenly rush to a reviews website to help with your final decision? Review sites such as TripAdvisor have now become a huge part of the booking process for travelers all over the world. Restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels, landmarks and even shrines are all at the mercy of a damning review.



Consumers nowadays are much more informed than ever before. This has meant that service providers have had to up their game in the fear that a succession of bad reviews may be enough to ruin their image. During our recent travel survey, of the 1809 people asked if they would leave a review after a trip, 55% said they would.

It’s also well known that people are more likely to leave a negative review than they would be a positive one. This is because bad experiences usually resonate a lot more with us than positive ones. Very few of us can remember in detail the blissful moments of our childhood, yet we can usually recall in vivid detail the day our sibling “accidentally” pushed us too hard off that swing and we ended up on crutches.

The same can be said for the hospitality and travel industry. When these are detailed on TripAdvisor however, they end up being showcased forever and for all to see. With the thousands of reviews floating around the site, we set out to find a collection of some that have resonated most with the internet. Reviews so eloquently written that they almost transport us into both their mind at the time, and the horror show they’ve found themselves in.


The Grand Canyon 

Anyone who has been to the Grand Canyon is usually blown away. Whether by helicopter from above, or by strolling around its edge, it truly is a breath taking experience. Or at least it is for many. This reviewer wasn’t as taken aback by the “so called” landmarks beauty.

Image of reviews of the Grand Canyon, describing it as a overblown sandy ditch.

We think someone may have lost a few dollars in Vegas that week. We can’t really complain about the sandy ditch comment, he isn’t entirely wrong to be fair.


Lost In Translation 

Anyone who has seen the iconic abbey road album cover will be aware that it is a common spot for Instagram pictures of friends imitating the famous rockers. However, this reviewer seems to have gotten a bit confused by the whole thing and was rightfully disappointed. Dublin City also has plenty of Zebra crossings but we would also recommend the zoo to be guaranteed a sighting.

Image of reviews of Abbey Road, with the reviewer complaining that they could not see any "Zebras Crossing".



“Some people”

As the old saying goes, “you can’t please everyone”. This seems to be the case when it comes to TripAdvisor as you’ll always get a few stray 1 star reviews penned by lunatics among a chorus of gushing 5 star praises. The person below illustrates this perfectly.

Image of reviews of a beach, describing it as "just too sandy".

We just hope she never went into the sea while she was there, as that can be too wet at times.


Bon Appetite 

Eating abroad can always be an iffy experience. From dodgy kebabs in Greece to sloppy Joes in the USA, you can find yourself in a hairy situation (hopefully not literally). If you’re a massive fan of your chicken burgers, then you may not want to read this next one.

Image of reviews of a restaurant in which the horrible service included staff members scraping mayonnaise off a burger with their hands before serving it to the customer

We just can’t believe the staff would see scraping the mayonnaise off with their hands as an easy option!? I’d say these travelers went hungry that night!


Few Drinks, be grand

If the food lets you down on holiday, you can usually depend on the alcohol. From German beers to Mexican Tequila, it would be rude not to relax and sample a few drinks. The review below however, would turn you off your Gordon’s and dry gin for life! We’ll definitely be checking our glasses in darker bars after reading this one.

Image of a reviews in which a customer was handed a Gin and Tonic that included a dead cockroach

This is genuinely the stuff of absolute nightmares! Whatever about the cliche of a hotel room having cockroaches, the only thing you should find floating in your G&T is some cucumber or lime!


The cats paw

This one just has to read to be believed:


Image of a reviews in which the reviewer claimed they would rather have slept on the street than in the this hotel.

A cats paw? Hammock made of concrete? This review is almost like poetry! Our favourite part is that the reviewer still gave the hotel 5 stars for location so they must have been central at least!


When you’ve just given up

This one below reminded us of a forlorn Basil Fawlty at his wits end trying to cut his losses.


Image of a reviews in which a hotelier tried to sell the hotel to the reviewer or anyone they may have known.


In a lifetime of travel, you’re bound to have some strange experiences, but your worries are usually little compared to what a lot of these people have experienced! Here at Multitrip, although we may not be able to insure against a cockroach in your cocktail, we can look after you for other things. To find out more, get a quote today from as little as €31.99 for two year cover.