We are now in the middle of the peak summer travel period. People nationwide have begun the yearly ritual dumping of obligations to migrate to a foreign land in search of sun and adventure.


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During our recent travel survey, we asked our customers to tell us about their spending habits abroad to determine just how much we blow while enjoying ourselves in the sun!


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Length Of Holiday

Our study found that 82% of our customers spend over 1 week on their holidays with 1 in 4 of us spending two weeks or more on our main holiday each year (Fig 7). These figures reflect just how much we value saving up our holidays to allow us afford an extensive break from home. As we excitedly count down to these longer holidays, we are more inclined to start adding our savings so we can treat ourselves the minute we arrive! Cue Infuriating social media updates like below.


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Ever come home from a holiday oblivious to exactly how much you spent? Many people find themselves returning to work with packed lunches for the rest of the year as they try to financially recover from their exploits. Our survey seemed to confirm this as just 16% of us will spend between a modest €500 and €1000 while abroad.

The most common amount spent was between €1000 and €2000 at 34% while a total of 57% of travelers spend between €1000 and €3000. This means that if you splurge up to €3000 while away, you’re in good company. Where you’ll start to find yourself in the affluent minority, is when you start to spend in excess of €4000. Our survey revealed that just 13% of people will spend over €4000 on their holidays.


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Location Location Location

A huge factor in the amount you’ll spend while on holiday is where you go. Eastern European destinations will allow you to live the champagne lifestyle on lemonade funds so consider places like Bulgaria or Croatia while planning your next trip. Our survey revealed that almost 70% of our customers would be travelling or had traveled in Europe this year (see fig 4). Destinations like Spain (29%) and Portugal (10%) can be great value whereas France (6%) and Italy (6%) may be more costly. As new routes to the US have been brought in by Aer Lingus and other carriers, the USA (12%) will continue to be a popular but sometimes expensive destinations.


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Regardless of where you go or how much you plan on spending for your holiday, insure yourself against the costs when things may go wrong and get a quote from us today!