As the 31st of October approaches here at, we’ve been researching some of the most haunted places on Earth. With thousands of Haunted buildings and locations dotted around the world, it was hard to narrow it all down to a simple list or guide. However, we’ve weighed up the historical significance, eerie charm and downright creepiness to deliver what we think is the ultimate Halloween Holiday Guide. All you have to do is sit back, keep the lights on and start planning a trip to one of these destinations (if you dare!).

Salem, Massachusetts, USA: 

Back in the 1600s, when the USA was still broken into colonies controlled by Britain, a strange occurrence began happening in the puritan village of Salem. The idea of witches had been around for centuries but in 1692, after the conviction of three women for witchcraft in the small town, a series of paranoia fueled accusations and trials led the hangings of 19 “witches”.

Within a year, as the paranoia began to subside and all of the “guilty suspects” were pardoned. The damage however, had been done. Thus, Salem will always be associated with witches, black magic and the supernatural. You can visit the sleepy town a half hour north of Boston and visit the Salem Witch Museum to learn more about this fascinating time.

An image of a woman performing a witch like ritual. Salem in the USA is the perfect place for a Halloween Holiday

Isla De Las Munecas, Mexico: 

South of Mexico City, there is a small island that lies between two canals. It was never intended to be a tourist attraction and when you learn the history of this patch of land you begin to understand why. The story goes that the island is the location where a young girl was found drowned in the water. She was discovered by the sole caretaker of the island and it is thought that he was unable to save her life. Some days after this, he found a floating doll in the water. Assuming this to be the girls he placed it on a tree. The man then continued to place more dolls on the trees believing that it appeased the tragic girls spirit.

An image of a cracked porcelain doll. The island of dolls is the scariest Halloween Holiday Idea we could find

Years later, the caretaker himself is said to have been found, floating in the very same spot as the girl. Today, visitors flock to the island to take in its eerie atmosphere and add to the collection of dolls he left behind. It has also been claimed that the dolls can be heard whispering and laughing to one another. Do we believe this story? We don’t really care, but we really want to see this place for ourselves!

The Catacombs, Paris: 

What could possibly be uneasy about a series of underground tunnels that are adorned with the remains of 6 million people. The catacombs were an answer to a growing problem within Paris and their disposal of the deceased. With cemetery’s overflowing into residential areas, the government began to move human remains into the unused quarry mines below the city. The quarries were consecrated in 1786 and remains were transferred below the surface up until 1859.

Today, tourists are able to take tours of the creepy array of passages and tunnels. Every year, thrill seekers also attempt to sneak into the area unaccompanied and explore it for themselves. Want to know what that might be like? Well the 2014 film “As Above, So Below” illustrated why it might not be the best idea.

Bran, Romania: 

Everyone is familiar with the tale of Dracula, written by Irish writer Bram Stoker. The title character was inspired by a Romanian Prince known as Vlad The Impaler. Although Vlad only had a loose association with Bran Castle in Romania, it has always been considered the unofficial home of one of Halloweens most iconic characters.

This may be in part due to its stunning architecture and many balconies, secret passages and courtyards that you can imagine the count strolling along. Visitors can book tours of the famous castle and learn more about the origin of both Dracula and Vlad while taking in the stunning Romanian hills.

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA: 

Built below sea level, New Orleans was always going to be a tricky place to bury the dead. What early settlers found was that when they buried their loved ones, the coffins could literally float back out of the ground as water would seep into the plot. Due to this, the city is now home to a collection of creepy overground cemeteries.

With a dark history of Slavery as well as Voodoo magic, there are plenty of spooky sites to be seen and tales to be told also. The famous Bourbon Street that welcomes Mardi Gras every year hosts one of the best Halloween parades around. A late October visit here will no doubt provide you with the perfect mix of both terrifying history and and fun loving residents.

An image of a bouquet of flowers on a graveyard. New Orleans is one of our livelier Halloween Holiday Destinations

Pripyat, Ukraine: 

What could be creepier than a place that has been virtually uninhabited by humans since 1986? The city was founded as a nuclear hub in the 1970s in which most inhabitants worked for the nearby Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. Over 40,000 people had to be evacuated after the infamous Nuclear Disaster with many leaving behind most of their personal belongings believing they would return shortly.

In the last few years, with radiation levels decreasing, organised tours have now begun in parts of the city. You can depart from nearby bustling Kiev and spend a few hours wandering around this silent and post apocalyptic world. Visitors can be reminded of the once lively area by taking in the swimming pool, stadium and Ferris wheel that ominously looms over the ghostly buildings.

An image of a gas mask abandoned in autumn leaves. Pripyat in Ukraine now offer tours of "The Zone". This is one of the stranger Halloween Holiday activities we could think of

London, England: 

For a Halloween experience that’s closer to home, London has plenty to offer fright fanatics. The Tower of London, The London Dungeon, Haunted Underground Stations and nearly every side street has an attachment to the supernatural. Jack The Ripper, Sherlock Holmes and Sweeney Todd are all notorious characters associated with the English capital and are just the tip of what it has to offer fans of the macabre.

An Image of London city at night. London has always been one of the top Halloween Holiday Destinations

So there’s our roundup of Halloween Holiday destinations. “Holiday” may be the wrong word for a lot of them but there is plenty in each to give you that feeling of both terror and intrigue. Never forget though that the the only thing to really fear is the fear of missing out. Don’t miss out on a great travel insurance deal by getting your Annual Multitrip and Single Trip travel insurance with us! Don’t forget to have a Happy Halloween!