Some handy hints from some of our

#Multitrippers on travelling all in one minute.

For those of you who have been following our series on the YouTube channel, you will have seen some of our Multitrippers telling us all about their travel experiences. Most are travelling full time and making a career out of seeing the world. In their travels, it is safe to say that they have learned a thing or two. So we decided to have a look at what their top tips would be for us when travelling.

Here from Janet Newenham who is the Journalist On The Run, from Noelle and Brian who are still Wandering On and from Nadia El Ferdaoussi who writes on The Daily Self. All have millions of travel miles behind them and know what it is to travel the world.

Check it out by click on the video above and here from those who know. We will have a few more Multitrippers joining soon so make sure and keep checking the blog.

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