With Safari holidays becoming more popular among the Irish and UK markets, we take a look at what it is that has led to this and why you should have a Safari as high priority on your bucket list. With Safaris now being catered to travelers all over the continent of Africa, whatever your budget, you can experience the epic nature on show. Here’s our main reasons why we feel a Safari holiday can’t be missed:


An image of African Elephants crossing the road along a Safari Trail


Once in a lifetime experience:

The term “once in a lifetime” is thrown around a lot when it comes to holidays, however few can disagree with the adage when it comes to the breathtaking feeling one gets from witnessing animals in the wild. Lions, Elephants, Rhinos and other rarely spotted animals need to be seen in their natural habitat before their immense presence and beauty can be appreciated. Once you find yourself metres away from these magnificent animals, you’ll understand why people go on Safaris in the first place. For any true animal lovers, an African Safari is like a pilgrimage.



Whether you travel to South Africa, Namibia, Kenya or Zimbabwe, you are sure to encounter scenery that is as breathtaking as the wildlife. This means that for photography buffs, a Safari is a trip that will present you with a million opportunities to get some memorable shots. You don’t need to be into photography to appreciate the scenery either, a camera phone and an Instagram or Facebook account (think of the likes!) will give you enough reason to feel like you’re on assignment for National Geographic.


A close up image of a Lions face in the wild during a Safari tour


Safe And Affordable: 

Africa has generally got a bad reputation when it comes to stability and safety. However, with Safari operators and tour groups, quests can stay in luxurious resorts or well secured camping areas. While on the safari itself, guests are always accompanied by professional guides and rangers who have a wealth of experience in all manner of situations. This means that incidents and accidents while on the Safari itself are extremely rare.

Once a hugely expensive affair, Safaris are now becoming affordable for everyone. With a wide range of destinations and all inclusive options, you can easily plan ahead to ensure that you don’t incur many day to day costs while over there. From the budget solo traveler to the luxury honeymooners, Safaris can cater to any budget. You can also benefit from the weaker currencies in some destinations meaning whatever you do spend while over there, it won’t hurt your pocket too much.


Choice of activities and itineraries: 

There’s a lot more to Safari holidays than just the Safaris themselves. Many itineraries and resorts can include hikes, culinary experiences, diving and snorkeling and adventure sports such as sky diving, white water rafting etc. This can mean that not only do you experience the beautiful nature on show, you can keep yourself busy with other entertaining pursuits.


An image of a Scuba Diver beneath the water. Many Safari tours offer multiple activities and excursions


The people and culture: 

Experiencing the lives and cultures of local people can be as memorable as any you may have with the wildlife or nature. Many of the guides you will encounter on your trip will be more than happy to share with you their own culture and way of life. You can also choose from tours that include a visit to local nomadic tribes allowing you to experience the ways in which they live. These in depth experiences can give visitors a new perspective on both their way of life and our own lives at home.


Eco Tourism and Conservation: 

Many modern Safari companies now have a strong focus on Eco tourism and conservation. For example Conservation Safaris ensure that your holiday makes a difference. Companies like these run initiatives from a percentage of their profits to guarantee the well being of local communities, nature projects and animal reserves.


An image of a pair of Zebras as seen on a Safari tour


This means that not only will you leave your Safari holiday with uniquely epic memories, you’ll also have the choice to leave behind a positive impact on the Eco system.

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