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Multitrippers – Advice For Solo Travellers

Continuing our Multitrip series with our expert travellers, Janet Newenham from Journalist On The Run gives us some advice on travelling on your own. Janet has travelled extensively for a number of years and visited over 30 countries, so she is well positioned to tell us all about travelling solo.   Have you caught the travel…


Stories of interest, advice and travel tips from travel experts, solo and professional travellers touring the world, all brought to you by This month we have selected three of our favourite travel writers from around the web who have written on various travel topics on their respective blogs. We have selected a post from each blog… Travel Insurance featuring multitrippers.

#Multitrippers Part 1 – Advice for Solo Travellers

As part of our #Multitrippers series, were we have bloggers and experts tell us all about their adventures travelling, we also have them give salient advice for anybody who perhaps is not as ‘savvy’ when it comes to travelling the world. Here Janet Newenham from Journalist On The Run gives us one very real piece…