The last few years have been a particularly hectic time for travellers. With everything from air traffic control strikes, severe weather storms and airline staff walk outs, it seems like holidays are being increasingly disrupted. What many people still fail to realise however, is just how important having a comprehensive travel insurance policy can be. Below are just some of the ways in which that person who should have bought travel insurance can end up losing out;


The Unexpected: 

One of the ways that people lose money on their holidays is when they are unable to go due to a family illness, a job loss or other unexpected reasons. With a lot of flight, hotel and travel companies withholding large deposits or even full payments in the event of you having to cancel, it pays to buy your travel insurance before you plan your trip. If you have an annual policy then you are protected year round in events like this (to a specified limit). There’s no point in waiting until you leave to book that travel insurance policy, as you could end up having to cancel at any point! Don’t be that person who should have bought it earlier.



Although in the event of strikes airlines are obliged to refund or rearrange flights, they are not obliged to cover customers for lost accommodation costs where they have not travelled. If you have travel insurance that includes both “Strike Cover” and “Travel Disruption Cover”, you can claim back for up to €1,000 worth of accommodation and travel costs. For more on how Travel Disruption cover can protect you in the event of a strike, read our recent blog post on the French ATC Strikes. 


Image of an aisle of passengers on an airplane. Many people can be left without a refund if they do not have travel insurance



With storms, hurricanes, typhoons, tsunamis and other natural disasters wreaking havoc across the world in 2018, it makes more sense than ever to take out travel insurance. Similarly to the event of a strike, if you have your “Strike Cover” and “Travel Disruption Cover” you will have that extra level of protection if you lose out on accommodation costs by not reaching your destination on time. For more on how Travel Disruption cover can protect you in the event of a storm or catastrophe, read our blog post on the Beast From The East.


Active Holidays: 

If you’re the type who likes to get active while on holiday, then having sufficient travel insurance for these particular activities is vital. With growing numbers braving the Camino Trails or hitting the ski slopes each year, it’s important that your cover includes protection for these specific activities you’ll be engaging in. Below is an info-graphic we put together in 2017 to show people what they need cover for on their ski holidays! Don’t be that person who ends up out of pocket after any of the below instances.


Image of an info-graphic detailing the importance of having specific travel insurance for a ski holiday

Medical Treatment: 

Each trip you plan will bring with it its own unique medical considerations related to travel insurance. This is especially true when you’re travelling outside the EU. For example, if you’re in the USA and need medical attention, this can end up costing you nearly ten times what it would in a European country. The E111 card that EU citizens can carry doesn’t necessarily cover you for everything within the EU either. With sufficient medical cover as part of your policy, you will be able to claim for any outstanding medical fees and charges.

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