A cruise can be a once in a lifetime type of trip! From the on-board entertainment to the diverse port cities, there is a lot to enjoy when you set sail for those couple of nights or even weeks. What many cruise goers forget to consider however, is having sufficient travel insurance in the event of their cruise holiday being disrupted in anyway. Below are some of the reasons why it is important to have sufficient travel insurance for your cruise holiday;

Cancellation and Curtailment

As with most travel insurance policies, you should be covered for cancellation and curtailment up to a specified limit within the policy. This will protect you in the event that you have to cancel your trip before you embark or cut your trip short in the middle due to unforeseen circumstances.

An image of a cruise ship's lifeboats. Cruise Travel Insurance is essential for a cruise holiday

Missed Port

One of the most appealing parts of a cruise holiday is the variation in destinations. Each port brings with it a new culture, architecture, people and experience. As you are travelling in the oceans or sea’s however, inclement weather or issues with tides can result in a port or multiple planned ports being abandoned. With a travel insurance policy that includes coverage for cruise related disruption, you may be entitled to claim for the loss of any tickets, reservations etc that you had already purchased prior to these changes.

Missed Departure

If you’re planning a Caribbean cruise departing from the coast of Florida, then you will be depending on your travel arrangements to get you to the embarking port on time. However, with 2018 being a particularly bad year for natural storms on the coast of America, flight and other transport services have been disrupted or damaged. This can result in a missed port departure that can end up being costly. With cruise travel insurance, you can claim back for the costs incurred with this up to a stated limit in the policy. The same goes for any travel disruptions that result in your missing a cruise departure at your intended destination.

Image of an anchor by the sea. Cruise travel insurance covers you if you miss your port connection

Medical Cover 

With a lot of cruises catering to older passengers, you should make sure that if you’re older you have completed the medical health screening before you purchase your insurance. This will notify your provider of any underlying health conditions you may have or medications you’re taking. If god forbid you are to fall ill while on your trip, you will be able to claim back for the medical expenses(up to a limit specified in your policy) which can end up being very expensive if you’re cruising in the USA for example.


Cruise companies and their fleets of ships are always trying to offer their customers more and more attractions. With everything from Scuba diving to horse riding excursions on land, there is at times an endless list of things to enjoy. Some of these activities do come with their own unique set of risks though and so it’s best to get an insurance policy that will cover you for each of these. You can read about the different categories for each of these activities in our policy documents.

Image of a coral reef. Cruise travel insurance includes cover for activities like scuba diving

Cruise connection cover is available on all Multitrip.com travel insurance policies for an additional premium. Get a great value travel insurance quote for your upcoming cruise today. For future promotional offers, travel news and content, keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages.