Every year we conduct a travel survey among our Irish customer base. We do this to get a greater insight into the ways in which our travel mad policy holders see the world. We ask them about the places they’ve been, the people they travel with and the positive and negative experiences they encounter each year. You can more about this years finding by reading the results for yourself. One of the most interesting things we find each year however, is exactly where our customers travel on their main holiday. Are there any new destinations that pop up year on year or are we quite predictable when it comes to our summer getaways? Well below are the main results of where people can’t get enough of:


Image of pie chart detailing the destinations of Irish holiday goers for 2018. Sun holiday destinations feature heavily in this

It’s clear that Europe’s mainland and island destinations are still very popular and so it’s not surprising to see that the top 5 sun holiday destinations for this year are as follows:


Mainland Spain:

Since the dawn of the package holiday in Ireland, Spain has been a major destination each year. With many of us spending between 1 and 2 weeks away on our main holiday each year, it’s hard to look past the popular mainland Spanish regions as the perfect place for this length of stay. Cities like Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Seville are all massively popular choices for city breaks too meaning that a whopping 18.1% of our customers will plan a visit this summer.


Image of spanish buildings in the sun. Spain is widely considered to be the king of sun holiday destinations



The Spanish Canary Islands off the coast of North Africa are almost as popular as mainland Spain itself and offer visitors an even hotter climate with a great selection of beach resorts in Feurtaventura, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria and Tenerife. With these places catering to older crowds, lively club goers and younger families alike, it finished in a close second to the mainland with 12.6 % of our customers saying they would visit the region this year.



The southern Algarve in Portugal is a popular getaway spot for Irish tourists during the summer months and with the recent surge in interest over cities like Lisbon and Porto from backpackers and other world travellers, it’s becoming clear that Portugal will be going through a transformation over the next 5 to 10 years. A very solid 8.3% of our customers plan on checking out the country this year and we’ve no doubts this figure will continue to grow.


Image of rooftops in Lisbon, Portugal. Portugal has always been popular among Europes sun holiday desinations



Spaghetti bolognese, Pizza and Gelato for desert are only three reasons why us Irish continue to flock to Italy each summer. With cities like Florence, Rome, Milan and Venice, you can soak up just as much culture as sunshine during a week or two spent traveling through this beautiful country. We recommend renting a car while you’re away and driving down the coast over an extended trip. 6.6% of the people who took our survey have chosen this European gem as their key destination this year.


Image of a Pizza with spinach and tomatoes. Italy has always been a popular choice among sun holiday destinations



From family focused campsites to the stunning beaches and cities along the French Riviera, France still has tonnes to offer Irish summer holiday goers. Paris, Nice, Bordeaux and Monaco each have their own unique flavours and welcome millions of worldwide visitors during the summer nights. Much like Italy, France offers it’s own unique culinary attractions with french food and particularly wine being something that’s widely celebrated. With 4.9% of our customers opting for a holiday “En France” this year, we imagine it will always be a popular choice.


Image of a lock on a gate in Paris. France will always be popular among Sun Holiday Destinations


 If you’re planning a trip to one of these sun kissed destinations this year, then don’t forget to get your travel insurance! Cover yourself for longer with a 1 or 2 year Multitrip policy until the 31st of May 2018 and you’ll save even more in our flash sale.