Here at Multitrip, we’re obsessed with Travel! Our policy holders go all across the world each year, so here’s our pick of the 10 places that we think you should consider for a summer getaway!

1) Porto, Portugal:

Consistently voted as a top European City, Porto can’t be missed. Situated on the river Douro, the cities charming architecture and coastal beaches make it the perfect place for summer strolls and evenings full of Portuguese cuisine and culture. Ideal for a short weekend trip.


2) Thailand, South East Asia:

A backpackers paradise, there is also a lot more to Thailand than just drunken young people at Full Moon Parties.         The stunning beaches, bustling cities like Bangkok and friendly people make anywhere you go in the country a               memorable experience. Islands like Koh Kradan are quieter than the so called  “party islands” and are perfect for             couples or more reserved travelers.

3) Italy:

A classic holiday destination for people all over the world. Major cities like Milan, Rome or Venice will see the bulk of people flock but we’d recommend a driving holiday where you can take in the coastal area of Cinque Terre. Just look at the beauty of it below:



 4) The South Of France:

Monaco, Antibes, Nice and Cannes are all dotted along the south of France. It’s an area that has become synonymous with royalty and celebrities. The south of France, however, doesn’t have to come with a celebrity price tag! Hotel deals, Airbnb’s and hostels can all be found for relatively cheap prices when willing to do some research.



5) Barcelona, Spain:

Barcelona has everything a holiday goer would want. Beautiful weather, world class shopping, Gaudi Architecture           and unbeatable nightlife by the beach. For romantic getaways, group trips or solo travelers, Barcelona can cater to any taste.



6) Copenhagen, Denmark:

One of the more expensive places to visit on the list, but don’t let that turn you away. From the “Tivoli Gardens” to         the ultra-hipster area of Christiania, visitors will experience the diversity of the city. Summer also brings a change           from its usual bitingly cold winter temperatures.



7) Switzerland:

Why have Switzerland in our list? Please see below:



8) Los Angeles:

Although San Francisco gets a lot of praise as the best place to visit in California, Los Angeles has a lot more to       offer than people think. Not just a giant city with endless lines of traffic, it has a wide ranging appeal from the beaches of Santa Monica, the markets in Venice and the wide range of Museums and Theme Parks scattered across the city.         For family trips, celebrity hunting or as part of a larger West Coast trip, LA is an absolute must see in Summertime.



9) Las Vegas:

Sticking with the US for number 9 and there’s no bad time to go to Vegas! With it’s endless amount of casinos,               shows, dining options and entertainment, there’s a reason why it has continued to be hugely popular with people from all over the world. Treat yourself while there with an unforgettable helicopter trip from Vegas to see the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam from above.



10) Japan:

One of the lesser traveled destinations on our list but it is becoming more and more popular especially with Solo              Travelers. A place filled with culture and history, we’d recommend spending a few nights in Tokyo to soak in the              madness of this lively city before moving outside the city to see the beautiful countryside and Mount Fuji.