Recently, we took to our Facebook and asked our nearly 40,000 followers to give us their top travel tips. We understand how travel mad both our followers and customers are so we were expecting a positive response to the campaign. We were absolutely blown away though by both the amount of comments and how many of these tips we hadn’t even thought of ourselves! Below is a collection of these tips and why we think they’re so important to bear in mind when you head abroad on your holidays;

The “Secret” Charger:

Image of one of our recent travel tips from a fan. They state you should use the USB port on the side of a TV to charge your phone while abroad

This is a great tip we got in from Daithi. It can be a nightmare keeping your gadgets charged while away and with most hotels having modern TV’s fitted in them, the sneaky USB port on the side will allow you to charge your phone or other gadgets directly from the TV. We definitely won’t be forgetting this clever hack.


The Space Saver: 

Image of a pair of shoes as part of our travel tips series. This tip says you should roll your socks up in your shoes to save space when packing your luggage

Aine sent us in this brilliant idea for those who find it impossible to stick to that baggage allowance. Fitting your shoes into a bag can be the trickiest part of packing but they can also work for you if you manage to cram socks, underwear and other small clothing items into them. This will save you room so you can bring back more souvenirs too!


The Time Saver: 

Image of an Iron with one of our travel tips. The tip states that non iron clothes are a must.

Like many of us, Elaine (who sent us this gem) isn’t a fan of ironing while she’s on holiday. That’s why she let us know that her top travel tip is to pack mainly clothes that won’t crease once you unroll or unfold them from your tightly packed luggage. You can then focus on enjoying everything that your destination has to offer.


The Life Saver: 

Image of a shirt to accompany one of our travel tips. The tip states you should pack a change of clothes in your hand luggage in case your larger back gets lost in transit

Helen sent us in this little nugget of wisdom for those dreaded moments where your luggage decides not to join you for your holiday. Although you can be covered for this with your travel insurance, having one or two changes of clothes in your hand luggage will be an absolute life saver if the worst happens.


The Money Saver:

Image of a money card with one of our travel tips. The tip states that you should use a money card while abroad so you don't get stung by foreign charges

Liam sent us in the above after clearly experiencing the pain of foreign bank charges in the past. With a lot of new money cards on the market, you can transfer your cash to these before you travel and avoid the charges that banks impose on payments or ATM withdrawals. Coming home to unexpected bank charges after a holiday is something that most of us are all too aware of so these money cards are well worth investing in.


The Day Saver

Image of two passports as part of our travel tips. This tip states you should email yourself a copy of your important documents in case of emergency

Have you ever lost a ticket, passport, ID or other valuable paper document while on holiday? Well it can be easy to forget to email ourselves a photocopy of these before we leave for the airport. Michelle reminded us again of just how important it is to have a copy of these documents as they may just “save the day” in an emergency.


The Skin Saver: 

Image of sun cream bottles as part of our travel tips series. This tip states that you should always bring plenty of the right factor sun cream

This classic travel tip from Renee is one most of us Irish or UK residents can relate to. The first bit of sunshine on a holiday can be exciting but dangerous too. Make sure you pack an appropriate level of sun cream protection for the duration of your holiday. A bad case of sunburn or sunstroke can end up not just ruining your trip, but causing permanent damage to your health!

Thanks to all of the people who sent us in your travel tips! It’s clear that everyone experiences some of the same issues when their on holiday and that it’s a learning experience for all of us! If you’re planning a lot of upcoming travel, then make sure you get a Multitrip travel insurance quote today.