Living from your laptop whilst traveling the world

Peoples priorities seem to be changing. Once people were happy with a ‘9 to 5’ job, a nice home, a respectable car and a partner to share their life with. Nowadays more and more people are turning that idea on its head and turning their back on that safe world. opting to travel. Not travelling for the regular two weeks annually either!

Technology has made it possible for people to work from a laptop, whilst travelling the world and make a living from their website or their blog. And some are making millions! Here are just four people who spend their lives travelling our planet and living off the internet whilst doing it.

OneStepForward – $1 Million plus annually

Irishman, Johnny Ward has been travelling for ten years and making money whilst doing it, making lots of money! Johnny’s blog One Step Forward is one of a network of sites he runs. He taught English in Asia for a few years in his twenties and then headed for Zimbabwe on a one way ticket. Why? Because he read about the country on another travel blog and he thought he could do a better job of it. He spent the next 12 months travelling throughout Africa, all the while documenting his journey. He then returned to Thailand with an idea and a laptop. The idea being to make money from his travel journeys and his website.

He spent a year documenting his travels round Africa before heading back to Thailand in the hope of taking his online business to the next level. In his travels through Africa, he had managed to grow the site and in turn the monthly revenue generated to around €6,000 per month! When he realised that one site could generate this kind of income, he started a second and third. Before long, Johnny had a large network of sites numbering nearly 300, all generating income for him. After a concerted effort to increase his income, he decided to see every country in the world, a task he has now completed.

Whilst based in Thailand, Johnny travels about 10 months of the year. As he is travelling, his sites generate about $50,000 per month. This money he invests, mostly in property. So “now I’m free. I work from my laptop, base myself in Thailand and travel the world.” – Not a bad way to spend your life!

The Blonde Abroad $600k plus annually

Earning a living whilst travelling fulltime

Kirsten Rich is ‘The Blonde Abroad’. She grew up in Southern California and spent her summers as a child, camping and going to the beach as we assume all Californians do! This very ‘outdoorsy’ lifestyle might have been the seed for her travel adventures. She was inspired to travel by an Australian couple she met. She took time off from her corporate finance job and began travelling, first visiting Australia before spending three months travelling alone throughout Asia.

She began blogging five years ago just for fun and it was not originally a business decision. More of a diary and scrapbook of her travels. Whilst travelling with her backpack, she posted on her blog every day She wrote some short status updates and also more detailed journal entries when time allowed, all about her adventures.

When she got home to California, she realised that travelling had taken hold of her and she began to explore the idea of making money from her blog/website and turning it into a business. She built her site in 2011, quit her job and started travelling and writing full time in 2012. Four years later, and she is on the road nine months of the year, has a six-member team helping run the site and is pulling in annual revenue in the multiple six figures from various revenue streams including affiliate programs, sponsored content, and a mentor program.

The Nomad Capitalist $1 Million plus annually

Andrew Henderson describes himself as “a lifelong entrepreneur who left the United States to become a perpetual traveller.” He also made his first million when he was still a teenager. After launching and then selling a broadcasting business at just 19 years old, Andrew decided to pack up and experience the world in the hope of finding other countries in which he could invest in business.

“The more I traveled, the more addictive it became and I believed that there were greater opportunities outside the United States, and the Western world, than in,” he says.

“So now I’m devoted to finding those opportunities, finding the most freedom, finding the best places to put money and start a business.” Hoping to help others do the same, he launched Nomad Capitalist, a web-based business that advises other people on how to live a financially and geographically free life, effectively becoming location independent.

As a part of this business, Andrew travels to at least 15 to 20 countries each year, researching, meeting people, and exploring culture and industry, generating over a million air miles in the process. “My mission is simple,” he says. “Find the best place to live, start a business, and invest. No one place has a monopoly on freedom, opportunity, or happiness, and I make the world my oyster in search of the perfect balance.”

The Expert Vagabond $100,000 plus annually

Six years ago, Matt Karsten quit his job in Miami, dumped his girlfriend, sold everything he owned, and bought a one-way ticket to Guatemala. People thought he was nuts. He had some doubts about his own sanity too! 🙂

But the business graduate, Karsten had always dreamed of a life full of adventure and planned to spend a year exploring Central and South America. “Following my dreams at all costs was my new goal,” he explained. “Becoming wealthy with new experiences was my mission.”

Six years later and he is still on the road, with the plan to travel indefinitely. In those six years, he has turned his adventure into a lucrative and highly profitable business by using the technology that is available to anyone via the internet. His website generates revenue through sponsorship and advertising on the site as well as selling his photographs to a worldwide audience and some affiliate products too. His website allows him to travel full time whilst generating over $100,000 annually.

So do you think its possible? Would you like to travel full time? Let us know your thoughts.

Inspired by an article on Yahoo Travel
Source: People Who Make a Fortune Traveling

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