As winter starts to tighten it’s grip on all of us, we thought it would be the perfect time to start some travel day dreaming! Every summer many of us flock to the islands of Croatia, Spain and Greece in search of some much needed vitamin D. Ever consider those island that are further afield? The ones that are tucked away in the Caribbean or Indian ocean? The kind you only see on postcards and magazine fashion shoots? Well we’ve put together a collection of five of the most remote and exclusive tropical islands that you have to mentally add to that bucket list;

St Lucia: 

This Caribbean gem is a favourite among honeymooners and has some of the best all inclusive resorts in the world. With world heritage recognised mountain, jungle adventures and rainbow coloured coral reefs on offer too, you’ll do well to find an Island with as much beauty at every turn. The restaurants and even roadside stands here also provide the freshest island fruit and seafood to keep you well fed during your stay. You can witness the landscapes of the island in this brilliant travel video from Expedia;


You may never heard of Mahe but you will have heard of its Archipelago, the Seychelles. Mahe is the biggest island in the Seychelles and so is home to the Airport that many celebrities frequent in their downtime. Home to less than 100,000 people, the islands main source of income comes from tourism. As a result of this, the island offers those who can afford a trip there the very best in luxury facilities and service. If you get tired of all the luxury and relaxation on offer in the resorts, then you can always kill some time by checking out some turtles while scuba diving.

Image of a turtle swimming over coral reefs. Many tropical islands offer visitors a wealth of water based activities


Located nearly 2,000 Kilometres east of Northern Australia, Vanautu offers travelers not only the beaches and stunning landscapes that you’d expect with an island retreat, but also a mix of unique culinary experiences. Famous for it’s euphoric drink Kava (along with Fiji), the island’s cuisine is influenced by it’s roots with Indian, Asian and even American cultures. A paradise for both nature and food lovers.


Another Caribbean entry to our list is this Honduran paradise. Located just 40 miles from the northern mainland of Honduras, this sandy island could feel like stepping on another planet entirely. More and more cruise ships have began stopping at Roatan in recent years as it makes for the perfect day trip. Stay longer though and you’ll be able to explore the many golf courses, adventure activities and unique dining experiences that this Honduran gem has to offer.



Aitutaki is part of the Cook islands in the South Pacific Ocean. The islands motto is that the hardest thing to do there is “Say Goodbye”. We’d be inclined to believe this idea and envy the near 2,000 people who call island their home. It’s also home to what they claim to be the most beautiful lagoon in the world. Not convinced that Aitutaki has more to offer than other islands on our list? Watch the video guide to the island below and you’ll have no doubt about it.

So which island would you like to visit most? We really can’t decide! No matter where you’re planning your next big trip to, make sure you have travel insurance. You can get great value multitrip travel insurance cover today.

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