The Travel Survey found that 92% of Irish people intend on taking a holiday this year (fig 2). Of that number, 61% will take a Sun Holiday while 57% will spend one to two weeks away. For the remaining 10% of us who opt for a city break, where are the options that offer unforgettable experiences while still being great value for money? We’ve put together some of our top picks for destinations that wont break the bank when it comes to that much needed mini getaway.



Prague, Czech Republic

Synonymous with stag parties and cheap alcohol, there is a lot more to Prague than pub crawls and busy nightclubs. The city is located on the river Vltava and is home to beautiful churches and architecture. It also has a deep history offering many tours and museums that reflect on it’s time where it was once occupied by the Germans during World War 1. It also provides great value for money where a decent meal with drinks can cost around €10.



Krakow, Poland

Another regular spot for party goers, Poland’s second city has become increasingly popular with Irish travelers young and old in recent years. As well as having beautiful architecture, friendly people and warm summer weather, visitors to Krakow can also take organised day trips to both Auschwitz Concentration Camp and the Salt Mines. With regular cheap flights available from Dublin, Krakow has become one of the most affordable European destinations around.



Budapest, Hungary

Located on the Danube, Budapest is fast becoming a favourite with Irish travelers for an affordable city break. Cross the famous Chain Bridge from Buda to Pest and get lost among the various palaces and parliament buildings. One of the most popular destinations in Budapest, are the baths. The “Szechenyi” baths in “City Park” are one of the busiest and at weekends host the “Sparties”, a series of bath parties that have to be seen to be believed. The old city ruins also house many ruin bars that offer beers for as cheap as €1.



Dubrovnik, Croatia

Already known among Game Of Thrones fans as the shooting location for Kings Landing, the capital city of the Seven Kingdoms, Dubrovnik has a distinctive old town that has always been popular with tourists. Located on the beautiful Dalmatian coast, the city offers breathtaking views of the Mediterranean and is a regular stop off for cruises and yachts. It’s locality to the sea also means that visitors can sample some of the greatest seafood dishes in the world.



Riga, Latvia

Located on the edges of the Baltic sea, Riga is definitely best visited during the summer. It’s charming Gothic architecture delights visitors as they stroll or bike along its pedestrianised streets. The Central Market is one of the busiest in Europe and while there you can sample Latvian Cuisine such as Bacon rolls (yes bread rolls with bacon in them!) and Kvass, a Rye bread based beer!



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